Arash Sadeghi Talks with Reformist Journalist after Prison Release

Arash Sadeghi before (left) and after prison

An Interview with Arash Sadeghi by Masih Alinejad  - Audio File (FA)

Translation by Siavosh Jalili, Persian2English
Masih Alinejad (MA): Mr. Sadeghi, following the statement by Mr. Eje’i, the [Islamic Republic's Judiciary Spokesperson], [which denied your imprisonment in Evin], there were much doubts surrounding your whereabouts. I am very glad to see you *free. Can you tell us where you were being held? In which section?Arash Sadeghi (AS): I was in sections 209 and 240 of Evin Prison. For a period of time, I was held in the basement of section 209.: