Baha’i Girl Denied Burial

۲۱ روزه که مهنا سمندری دختر ۱۲ ساله اذربایجانی را نمیتوانند خاک کنند چون بهایی بوده!
ای قربون اسلام ناب محمدیتون برم.
اونوقت اینا بمب اتم هم میخوان!

Imagine if this brutal Regime gets an Atomic Bomb. Just imagine
Baha’i Girl Denied Burial
When 12-year old Mahna Samandari died in October, her family arranged for her to be buried in Tabriz, where the family lived. But because Samandari was Baha’i, the authorities in the East Azerbaijan capital rejected the grieving family’s burial requests on the grounds of her religion. After 21 days, her body remains in the city morgue and the family’s requests for Mahna Samandari to be granted a proper burial continue to be ignored
Source: IranWire